Violence against women and Islam live under religious lies! Be sure to read.!

friends this about 15 years ago, violence and brutality against women that occur only sporadically in the year today, everybody says it’s like a hurricane of death or tat in order to avoid this, it must be true, but the work doesn’t end the death penalty in the U.S. despite that, the average is 70 seconds to solve the root of the Buddha if a woman is being raped in schools education, family education, me is, but if you throw the girl naked in the street like this now it’s normal for things to come because everyone and their religion if they do not, at least try to do it if none of them few during the Ottoman period the rape happened?

the sequel:vel slashing wounds from the veil who have been ordered to put the law in vain, vain all the children she’d make sure what the manners of Islam in what is violence against women so that we can be very bigoted and outdated era of Fatih Sultan Mehmet era that closes out our take

lovers once a month to consider the time we have for changing ourselves first psychology how corrupt generation we need to educate a kid that I can raise

many of you LINC calling me a bigot, maybe, but I don’t care right I’ll tell you.

best regards.


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