Make Millions with eyelashes !!!

millions to achieve the appearance of eyelashes from L’Oreal Paris, a brand new product here:
even the shortest Lashes individually sealed with a flexible brush, a brush carrying the ideal amount Adjuster dosage formula
The new volume million Lashes gives volume to the lashes with a special formula that mechanism and Mascara.

you seem to like each EYELASH is thicker 3 times…

1. Every single individual Lashes lash flexible brush gives volume and capturing more volume, individually wrapped, showing that super-thin, flexible bristles. Giving eyelashes the appearance of intense volume flexible bristles of the brush allows you to have millions of thanks to. Also gives length to the entire lash line. Even a single eyelash from the jump thick, maximum volume and intense-looking Lashes builds.

breathtaking LASHES
you will!

2. The ideal amount of formula to the brush transfer mechanism
(Dose Adjuster) thanks to both the maximum volume of gives you, and also doesn’t make clumping.
L’Oreal Paris experts, the latest technology has designed a mechanism: when you pull the brush out, sweeping only a single hair, and brush all the hairs of the formula a unique system that allows you to remain on the ideal amount.
last cake!

3. Easy-to-use AND unable to form lumps, the formula offers a novelty in the history of! The silky formula wraps Lashes during application suddenly melt away like a movie it has dried and thereby prevents coagulation. Both lash and volume Lashes prevent particles from sticking together and every wire! Thanks to this unique formula, you can get excellent results with a practical application taking the time and easy.

The maximum volume for your lashes more easily,
JUST use the volume million Lashes!
consumer recommended price:GBP 39.99


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