Ways To Love Yourself Girls -1

1)be polite and gentle in the face of the girl:Yes, I think it’s the most important rule.Talk politely to the girl and talk while I look at your face.If you look in the middle of the girl’s muscles if you can’t do this :D. talk with him a slow smile.But very civitma you’re a man. 2)You can’t find a topic to talk about :a topic to talk about when you can’t find something you like her to do what you ask.Girls get bored very quickly but not too tight.Locate all of her treats.Here are two chocolate .Give it to someone and ask do you want to eat.I guess there is a girl who says no to chocolate 😀 3)play with his hair :girls ‘ hair loves to be tampered with.But if she tried to react, but the hair are very beautiful .Like this girl 😀 4)subject to, the hair on the head, we must be careful:That girl’s hair entangled in the date format.Wash your hair frequently :D. good way to tara.If you notice, the girls sewed up their hair so they run after men always 5) The Girl hazing, BUT it’s not enough to bunaltaca him too:a little girl fight.But don’t overdo it, okay? 😀 6) make her laugh:make jokes of him.You’re funny and you see that you are a fun person.Samimilestig with you more then you will see. 7) If the phone number if you are to get in the way of being a friend:Yes, go ask for the phone number know unless you go .Never let it drop 8)You must be cool:cool guys but the girls they fall into adolescents you can call this cool or what.Never know that does not make smoking a cool image.Other details about this item I’m going to tell my claws 9)The smell of sweat, perfume:Yes, your perfume, chocolate scented.This is a tip from me to you .The smell of sweat. 10) You can get used to the girl:Yes girl you should familiarize yourself like this.You didn’t come all this way for you when you let them know of your absence.Make a difference in the way but yourself.That way a good day, let’s not forget the words etc, YES don’t worry, I’ll make this relevant again.SO I THINK IT’S JUST THIS.I HOPE IT HAS BEEN HELPFUL.AS A GIRL I MADE THEM WITH MY HANDS.MUST-TRY 😀


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