We Need To Achieve Balanced Empathy!

as I have identified as the first CEM about Empathy. I know many of you has information about this topic, but how many of us, may we? The 0 in front of us is guilty of it, even though we need to think about why you did/we should ask. If you were in his position, would you do it? Humanity’s biggest problem is not being able to build empathy. I think if we can Infuse our empathy for the future generations, humanity can live more in peace.
when in front of us is upset, we’re sad, we happy, we would appreciate it if Stop all that and instead understand how you feel so I’m going to put that myself, thinking that we’ll do it in a snap. got scared watching a horror movie, and the reason we get excited in the adventure film, The film inevitably takes the place of the hero in ourselves.

just smile and laugh watching comedy movies anira anira watching alone in the crowd both laughing then with the formation of a social entity, we also suppose there is a lot of people between both can be explained.

parents want their children eating and feeding their mouths to open when we see someone who eats the lemon is also due to the empathy that they would not wrinkle on our face.

located in front of you, if you do not know the language of the people, without the need for his explanation or empathy if you can, you need to understand very well what you are. People from different language backgrounds may agree, without knowing each other’s language. Why by means of establishing empathy.A word doesn’t know French, even though France is the story of a Turk who lives in a month.

speaking in a language that the person in question doesn’t know (and who doesn’t talk to you if he does not tolerate no other language, even English and French to him understand the question-response *) easily even in the country of the people shop, meet people and negotiate, or even kufurlesere (one Turkish and the other French) fighting. and
located in front of you, if you do not know the language of the people, without the need for his explanation or empathy if you can, you need to understand very well what you are.

people who have High empathy to have an intense emotion, so by bad luck at a particular time and particular terms are amazed. For example, they don’t these people read a book, they live. Therefore, potentially great danger. However, a strong character and damage to the defense mechanism can be prevented.

The difference between having Empathy and really think that you have it, the person with him is proportional to how much she was fond of. A person who claims to be the owner of and empathy who constantly talks about himself (if he is stupid enough itself, if not) is trying to deceive you.

of course, you have the benefit of not to go overboard.

when the human showed a lot of empathy, sometimes puts himself.Even after a certain point, they can even experience the risk of losing yourself especially in relationships. Suspend a sense of empathy for people. For this, increasing the ratio of testosterone before a match players have the ability to empathize is declining. For being harmful to the body reduces the empathy of empathy in a competitive environment, and focuses on winning. How to show empathy is an important skill for him, if not just as important to accomplish to install the empathy skill. Empathy is also less harmful than most. Balanced with empathy, people will be happier.

Thank you for reading. I hope we don’t give our best to correctly use empathy to future generations.

Note: If you have an excuse for typographical errors or disorder lecture. I tried my best to show the thoroughness.


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