We think that your life is not good enough!

I think none of us why we are not happy enough?

if we consider what we have to count a lot, don’t we? !! 1)Money 2)Darling 3)etc etc and never between my friends at least a part of what we have we put ourselves? Wait a minute, the entity that we all this we have said that it’s not enough to make a difference.

let’s play a little game!

stand up now! Let’s take a step in what you have count and each count. Finally, let’s look at a few step behind every step you’ve taken your eyes other people left you because he’s blind, in a wheelchair played this game that you step up and take a step! If you can put them in order, who knows? Okay, you couldn’t step up to Bill Gates, but you are missing a lot of people who go further didn’t you? Of course you did. Now then stop and think. You’re ahead of a lot of thousands of people sit down instead of game over

now we’ll talk about our missing.

what do you need? What do you want extra? Though what would make you extra happy?

people are always desiring to live and be happy what’s the point of happiness without unhappiness? So the thing is, sometimes our shortcomings allows us to be happy if you remember in high school I had a pen rotring I thought every high school kid’s wooden Ferrari in the nature of man does not how to get from writing with a pen rotring repellent does not even satisfy him in his head growing over time anyway I look, this is very important,

stale bread can you eat onions at every meal?”

-Inedible, of course!

can you eat meat at every meal?”

People get bored!

what do you want, what’s holding you up? The hope of the future, isn’t it?

The work that keeps a man alive who eats bagels a bagel is a request for that led to eating meat again or to be able to take on a day dream I will say, people have a limit of non-fasting patient over 20 years ago that mobile phones-while is key, people weren’t very satisfied when using the iPhone 4S for the next refresh there’s now rebelling when I heard L*N

A recent example!

The Son of man to die for the sake of curiosity Henry Ford dead

why? Bored when it’s not something that you will offer to your life Now from the world!


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