We Turks

friends, today I saw the ‘sport’ under that is shared on the topic of a racist question, I think I decided to write this Yi.

the last question that 1. interesting sentence:

any other way to fight the Turks on horseback, the only thing you know yourself non-racist.

first, let me say this: We, I mean, citizens from Turkey, T. C. identity of citizens, it never we didn’t discriminate. What language, what race, religion sect. PKK or other terrorist organizations the majority of the people a host of Kurdish, Laz, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc, it may not be our thoughts about our people does not change. We often like to at least. For example, a terrorist group founded by some Jewish citizens in Europe, all Jews for the cost you can’t.

second, there is this: our ancestors were horse-donkey-on a wagon, by virtue with honor and with dignity, take offence, and will fight tirelessly, and they’re giving us these days, and we allow it to be touted as a thing to be scorned are we going to? Your father, your grandfather, the seed, that your illustrious grandfather came himself, the country(Turkey) is sacrificed for the sake of when you come here and you’re different from us and better yourself.

this country is for you-it’s for everyone – a place to sleep, electricity-water, food, employment and a job going to give it to the top of the opening on top of the sass initiative in order to suppress her nose into the air and you still looked perky that you will make up, ’cause they don’t like us, they reject us?” And if you think you can just insult us like this because of an insatiable sass, you are wrong! Turkish, Kurdish, Laz, Circassian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc-you know, the first being tolerant and respectful makes you human. Forgot what’s noble.

the last question that 2. interesting sentences are as follows:

I wish you luck my friend, the wolf, but his racism condemns the Kurds and the Turks the blacks.

oh, brother, US non – /do you think we have a grudge against everyone who doesn’t think like us? I’m White, Black, Pink, Yesil, blue. Yes, it peaked in racism, there are some presumptuous. We embrace them if we don’t, we don’t sivazlamiy their backs. Genelliyor why?

also, what’s good? By making a generalization that friend, and through him to us, you’re disgracing the biggest no sense of racism. Before you ask yourself this question: What did we do to deserve this treatment?

this dead scorers on us, one day they will witness the day we woke up and groan. Then the homeland will be saved. Then they’re going to call the enemy no place to hide. For our mistake we need to confront the slander and attacks, so we should not surrender.

to the Brotherhood we are bound, when the race of people who entered our halay-religion when they ask when sharing with others the food we eat, this is what his head, to what I don’t understand the failure.

this spell only Turkish-Kurdish citizens not everyone has been dedicated.

not everyone who is your enemy tries to break us by dividing!


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