We Want To Be Close To God Away From Us Men!

The men siraliyay types of girls far for us we want it to be you I wanted you away, can you share the types of men you want to be free 🙂

The men didn’t empty when I posted it and I’m sure they will retaliate anyway, let’s get the Battle started 🙂

money-grubbing, penny, who account for paying the account in meeting the three fleeing men who get in the German style, stay away please.

who are you calling ridiculous statement with jealousy and wanting to where the men are standing when Are you going home asking for a break.

those who stand Dude, so what you like you’re my little buddy, call you because you’re my sister if you like it, be straight with me if you like.

like a bar fight at any moment of watchful waiting, like ourselves, like we’re incapable of protecting him in the name of protecting us not hesitate to fight it with types, maybe he will beat the girls leave.

his ex-girlfriend dove his arm the name of the ones who had never tattooed anywhere on his body temp does it have a human name? Love these guys, they’ll prove it in a ridiculous way, but they don’t think ahead, thoughtless men no!

The work force, but not bother to call all the time and talk a little bit about what you’re doing and those who constantly sought someone who wouldn’t be a man’s job nerdy girls stay away from men that are not laziness they don’t do anything else!

those who speak always of the car , constantly are the same men show us about the car you are interested in love with the car go live.

drink and drink when callers come to the front of the house and a Troublemaker Driving People Away and forcing igggg what types or gut wound and cry, stay!

deal in Roughneck manner, no matter that we do not kendilerine from men who don’t do anything on air.

1.Finished with bum department with the type of men we should stay out of the other sections and I will continue 🙂


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