Wearing The Right Clothing For You Advice!

how to dress Right? We need to pay attention to what clothes kombinlerke? Here is the solution…

the pleasures of the pleasures of the eye and clothing compatible People, makes a positive contribution to their beautiful dresses to be good. However, there are important tricks to be considered in selecting the outfit.

here often the mistakes we make…

to dress age appropriate

If age is 30 or above, if military style in your wardrobe you should get out of your clothes immediately. Such clothes is appropriate for younger age groups.

Only wear tights

In recent years we have started to use the tights frequently. But if you trust your legs should never prefer a piece that you don’t alone. Long tunics, long boots if you wear you can turn off the parts that you are uncomfortable.

white boots

often even if you don’t prefer the white boots. A beautiful piece with white boots on its own, it forms a pretty simple image on us.

instead of will be dressed appropriately

luxury and stylish with dress pants or a Salas a Party, of course it would not be appropriate to go. “Mini, classic dresses, it’s not my style” I can almost hear you say. There is a point to remember, regardless of your style, certainly you should dress in appropriate place. You are far from being kind or gentle. What an invitation, what a stylish combination of classic street style you go with heels, go with a festival.

Just think would make a stylish accessory

means a whole style. “I’ve perfected kombin plugging in a single accessory. “ you can’t say. All the parts that are not up to par if you wear a very stylish handbag that can save your day if you will never use or shoe.

use the parts that fit your body

you use that tiny backpack certainly is not suitable for you if you are too fat. On the contrary, if the type of petite, skinny, petite, big as a suitcase if you are just a funny image you might like to occur if you use the bags.

The dress trimmings

there is a large error, and that you use all the pieces with each other contest. Both the top dress, and your shoes and your pants or skirt and your bag…

all exaggerated, all mixed, all “I’m here!” he yells. In this case, you create the image of Chaos. A star is it possible to choose a single piece that you will use the other parts you must keep it fairly simple.

it won’t catch on the tones

Again, one of the most important issues with color. Match the color of the drawn or written many things about people is a disgrace and the Queen too 🙂 if you are able to keep the shades may be a very bad image.

for the body, not dress up according to fashion

there is much talk about everything fashion dress up. For some people it is not, though he’s wearing, and he knows how to carry out the others. When buying clothes to your body whether it makes you look good whether definitely consider it. Tasimadig you carry is not important to conform to fashion.

Hopefully you may have read fondly.

Love 🙂


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