What Are The Craze This Car?

Very garipserim do you know ?

People use these cars for other purposes. My brother tozars you’ll go to work on this car. What race is ? I would like to draw attention to detail a team.

what is the exhaust deldirip hoplatmak from people ? Of course, this may not always be composed of people that have received attention.

See : http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/s306x306/e15/10953562_1556997257902368_1239880039_n.jpg

fatal errors in the current drive is being experienced by traffic accidents. When it is like this it makes you think. Why are these people always making mistakes ? The answer is not far behind what is actually visible. The misuse of vehicles has a major share. The man in the car has been drinking. It’s a car my brother len’t tavern. Go home and have a drink. Car exhaust sound a bum 10. they can awaken grandmother hatice from her sleep on the floor. Until the end of the opening music, the music in the left lane when exiting the rear seat of the chicks doesn’t pay attention in front of the gas and the accompanying gases. What if you were arriving by car benefit from 120 behind to press to honk the horn ? Check this out here’s.


this place in Adana, Turgut özal Boulevard. Hurt inside, I saw this accident in my hometown. There is an issue that attracts your attention ? The car and modified racing in the city.

supposed to discourage you from the pleasure of this shitty society. This task also we are a community of the ladies and the ladies male from the gas to Quick falls. This life for all of us. We’re all traffic outbound links. Uncle flood yozgatli striking sports car today, tomorrow can get stuck in your aunt’s life, his only son. Maybe he is coming for us

who knows ?

with love of life love to live with.


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