What Are The Side Effects Of The Pain Of Love?

1 – sleepless nights

crashes into the lonely heart night, night, dear, you’ll think you’re mind falls to squirm until dawn you turn to the right, a left-back boyfriend in a dream dream his eyes sleep all night in the agony of separation and the Black memories in the shadow of beloved, you’re thinking of.


the side effects of living in the mind of your heart you live in suffering, sadness, distress causes heavy damage in mind, the day is coming, so tired so tired of mind, forgetfulness was the beginning of his work and his life falls to zero, the concentration of every thing that you’re forgetting.

3 – loss of appetite

The Man’s heart was his stomach full there’s full, you never want to eat or drink anything that doesn’t feed you enough love in your heart and on your mind in the throes of love that is in the throes of cutting people from eating drinking you lose weight, you’re starting to lose weight like you are floating Swan anorexic day.

4 – It’s hard to think LOGICALLY

the logic of love’s first breath to the last breath?

and dreams in mind, my dear, and dreams of memories lost in the shadow of the mind you living away from the transcendental realm, beyond the mind steals your mind, dear in the land of the beloved.


tired minds, tired your heart there’s a storm in his heart, deep thoughts, keeps your mind busy constantly thundering in mind is, after a time, the system crashes distraction, the mind begins.

6 – nausea

your stomach like a deep ache in your heart corekleniyo, suddenly you’re experiencing stomach cramps stress-induced gastric reactions in enzymes, I have stiffening of the heart, cramping in the stomach.


there is a fine line between love and insanity.

a bullet a love your heart,your brain and your body weary and tired of the heart separates the atoms of the soul,love in the deserts of wrecks you’re strolling,is not medical care,he lives in the heart and mind of the exiles,his body begins to heartbreak in a million pieces you’re strolling antidepressants and treatment process doctors care?


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