What does it represent colors, your favorite color according to your character

Impact on the character of the people of color


this color symbolizes sentimentality and sadness. Represents to be a strong and passionate color. In most places the color that represents mourning in Japan means happiness. If a black is used in place of the pessimism associated with it. But Einstein black to concentrate on the curtains, in the rooms without daylight are preferred.


this color is a color with vitality and dynamism as it would be too obvious. The color red represents happiness. Red
color, physically, further agility, vitality, and emotional context, perseverance and determination that led to the end of a job
shows. It whets the appetite. So most of the companies uses the Red in the logo of food in the world.


is the color of nature and spring, Yesil breeds creativity. Yesil feature a relaxing color in hospitals because it is preferred because of the relaxing color. Is known as a favorite color of emotional people.


The Color Blue represents confidence. For this, banks and uses the blue in the logo some websites on the internet. For example, paypal, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Even used looking blue CT. People who care about peace with a favorite color.


represents cleanliness and purity. Stability, continuity symbolizes. Politicians love white, but it’s clean, because they want to give the impression honest.


Yellow Intelligence , subtlety, and about the practicalities color.The attractiveness of a symbol of transience and attention. Attention in the world due to the attractiveness of the taxis are yellow. Yellow also is the color of sadness and longing. It is sad to see him in the beauty of every color of autumn.


the realism of the system and the plan color is brown. Brown people it speeds. So fastfood brown uses in the interior. Brown is the color of Earth. Brown is a color much preferred in clothes,
because people do not attract attention in a crowd wearing brown.


harmony ,joy , sweetness and the Color Pink is known as a symbol of love. Feel comfortable and relaxing color. Some great stores clerk so that you dress in pink uniforms, the customers would feel themselves comfortable. Pink at the same time, children and children who feel self color.

dark blue

as the cosmic blue color is considered. Authority is a color that symbolizes efficiency. More than half of the companies in the world, so the logo uses navy blue. People who are wearing a lot more navy blue themselves
they feel are charismatic and believable. A successful and powerful image that leaves a color on people.


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