What Does Your Boyfriend Do When He Gets Bored With You?

for most of today’s relationships monotonlastig ends. What can you tell your girlfriend how he gets bored with you ? You can understand by reading the articles I write.

The 6 – time

that is very full of your head, and say that he needs time. This is the meaning of,

I’m bored with you, go and I’ll look into little else. If you find out I’ll be back.

5 – the future

the same dream about the future they do not. Doesn’t talk about marriage at all. The tip of generality uses words that are not clear.

4 – the Impatient

when I tell you something Before your lover who listens to you, listens when you speak something now. Briefly explain me when I tell you something. When you do not understand, she gets angry again and tells.

3 – Surprises

suddenly come up, gifts, flowers it’s all over. Formerly your lover now who’s trying to make you happy, she wouldn’t even blink.

2 – Meetings

do not meet as often as it used to be with you period. Pre-met 3 times in 1 week, whereas now you can meet 2 week 1. (Of course came up with excuses like he meet, don’t lie)

1 – phone calls

sorry to hear your voice speaking every day and 1 day people, does not look for you anymore, just throws a simple message


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