What Happens On A Holiday Weekend?

what happens on a holiday weekend ?

for most people who read friends and the last business day. Well, how we can spend the day on Saturday and Sunday ? What can we do ? A nice way to end the week, even if I don’t want to the remembrance of his name, but we can be dynamic on the day Monday.Now let’s see what we can do on the weekend.

Friday night

we can start from our schedule for the weekend Friday evening. Anyway, the next day a holiday, so we may sleep late. Well, what can we do now ?

we are in the house with us if our Tea, Coffee, corn and all we get is a movie,series or entertainment programs we can watch.

several of the program to be monitored that are broadcast on TV this evening is a good example.

If we’re going out if friends and create the environment the game is playable, football field rug, a game can be complex, can be reached home late in the night turlanip places to visit.

Saturday day

we slept late in the morning, we may wake up late in the night, anyway, today is a holiday. Go overboard and sleep I need to sleep too, you cannot get out of bed. You can prepare your Breakfast in the morning, all the food you want, you can make it yourself.

Example: weekends, potatoes, toast, bagels I like to pick up. This would vary you a little bit about.

we had breakfast, and now what we can do. Nature, sea, entertainment centers, barbecue, etc, we can do many activities.

rent a bicycle, you can go on tour with friends. It will be a change for you.

Sea, beach, lake, river water such as the comforting of places you can go. If you have a boat tour you can do this. You can throw bagels seagulls. Cats, dogs give food to.

natural places, forests, flower, insect, I’ve got a camera that can go places that a bit in your hand and if you are interested, you can be taking pictures.

in the evening in shopping mall, Amusement Park, night dinner, go to places to eat. After making a few of them come home and you can watch TV.

as an example, you can watch the show on Saturday evening.

Saturday day is always heavy, do strenuous things, and more things dinlenmelik I spent time with on Sunday, and by Monday we can get dynamic. This late at night we can sleep.Anyway tomorrow is Sunday.

Sunday Day

Yesterday, we slept late again, something we dealt with. Late Sunday we can be. Again, we should start the day with a solid breakfast.

in the afternoon we went from the house where we can go. We can always choose the places we’ve been, zoos, animal shelters can be visited.

if it’s even a possibility the child protection hostel, nursing home, in children with acute leukemia can be visited. It could be a planned event with friends.

in the evening you can go to the cinema for a favorite movie.

it can be common to or your favorite Theater.

after all of this, you can go back home. Steep your Tea, you talk to everyone in my family, well, able to catch, you can review again how the weekend went.

refer to the day Sunday to turn in early. Monday is the best way to get more dynamic.

on Monday morning, not necessarily a shower. Even then, use cold water right come to your senses 🙂

at the end of this week as it is the last weekend yard work, Dog kennel, I’ll have a BBQ in one of. This place is remote to my work since I could come here only on weekends. Take your socks off and land, and to travel, I recommend 🙂

this week I can’t do what I said, But I advise you. I have different events to me this week 🙂

hope you liked it, enjoy your weekend.

Kemal sönmez


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