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what is cancer ?

apart from the normal characteristics of one or a few cancer cells of body tissue to be transformed and that the uncontrolled proliferation caused by one of the most important diseases of our age.

Turkey of which the most common types :

factors that cause cancer :

* long-term and stay under the sun during the hours that the sun’s rays is very effective.

* Excessive doses X-ray exposure.

* some viruses enter the body

* air pollution

* bad eating habit

symptoms of cancer are :

* sores that do not heal for a long time

* unusual bleeding or discharge from the uterus

* in the breast or any part of the body, resulting in swelling, and stiffness

* long-term hoarseness and cough

* difficulty swallowing and indigestion

* sudden weight loss

the cancer rate in the future!

2005 —

2005 —

prevention of cancer ways :

* 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes
* should be adequate and balanced nutrition
* excessive salt should be avoided
* alcohol and cigarettes should not be used
* wash fruits and vegetables very well.
* should be protected from excessive sun.

early diagnosis :

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