What is the desired male

I think a person you are attracted to and you don’t have to be nice if you want to buy it, but get asked if we know some things that definitely have to be smart:?

1)Be yourself, they say, lie

be the person he wants you to be yourself, in my eyes men are the passive ones, passive ones stuck up in one of those really spectacular ones from that group if you love someone enough to let it breathe breathe has the concept of

her nose in the air, the group these are always popular, loved, spoiled, like the girls from this group if you love someone, you prove that you are superior to your partner is definitely popular will be pretend in love with you

every girl wants one of these magnificent men, the kind He’s cool, cocky, smart-ass kids, but they scare the innocent children that this type of gozunuzu in love with a boy loves a girl if you’re ordinary in their case the role of the shy girl attitude can save you is definitely away from men

He, of course, leave you to yourself after you get those you meet to play, you can return to no love

2) never trust you prove that you are an honest man no lies

3)low-cut outfits draws attention, but doesn’t fall in love I forget cleavage timely and convenient use

4) never, ever make him feel special when ordinary men don’t treat your partner

5) did you start the relationship that allow the spirit to control him and His Word don’t go on a male administrator of the small things let me know

6)pull out both your stroke and maintain your diseases yakinli feel free to Inbox how to stay close to you, don’t be shy to join on her way to the prom in front of the mirror as it goes don’t waste time, be natural, but the line should not withdraw sexually and show him your simple

Note : A man if he tells you in detail what you did that day, he’s not lying, and certainly don’t be fooled by men who want marriage note aileyi what promises marriage in Qatar


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