What Is The Faculty Of Law

with the first Hello everybody!

Law School is consistently in the education category on the site is it so hard

considering this field or beginners to read in my own way I’ll try to help. Frankly, nowadays, in our country, everyone is self-a lawyer – began to declare that. The person I saw in front of me I open the program in which politics “I’m not a lawyer, but I know that this is true” phrase.

First, a challenging law education

1 – Is it difficult to win a law? Do I have to study how to win?

The answer to this question is entirely relevant to your goal. I have to say I chose public schools in every period of my life. This was quite important for me.

everyone’s ideas may be in different directions, but in my opinion it’s enough for any State University if your score will certainly write to him. The reason to choose it

it is not easy to fasten the good of a State University Law School

trust yourself. Prepare a study plan

2 – which University is better?

(Spoiler: this episode is entirely my personal opinion)
as I said, I’m a fan of the State University.

Galatasaray University

it is not as drastic as the others. In ‘ 93 was established. Despite this, the reason the scores are so high is to get 40 people in a year. 800 people at other universities here to read more ’boutique’ among college students. Some private or a State University. Was established by a joint agreement with France. 1 year preparatory reading and you can learn French.

with OSS gets 20 student quota

you will receive at least 3 courses per year in French as the Faculty

Erdogan tezic among the teacher

But unfortunately they do not have a campus environment

Istanbul University and Ankara University:

for being one of the most established schools in Istanbul and Ankara, Ankara and Istanbul Faculty of “School” is called. All the teachers here have been trained. Both quota (the latest as far as I know) he was 800 each person

there are big amps

the more lawyers work in private law at Istanbul that will trains. Both the Judge/Prosecutor would be too. Istanbul University courses years old

Marmara University:

as again as a very old school, anywhere University. High quota

3 – is it difficult to read the law?

Law is a demanding thing to read. Often done wrong (NOT NEVER): if you want to read to memorize the law must be strong. My nerves jumping every time to hear that. One of my friends who graduated 30 years ago or what we’re doing to the guy while memorizing what needs? After graduation, back to school, so all the laws have changed ezberlesin do it all again? NO.

is not the memorization of the law. The field is very wide so once you memorize which? It’s very important that you seek basis. Each concept

your every day bag that can change what you know you need to be aware of a new law. Really we need to bring the law into a way of life. Obviously I’m taking my exam on 22 of each period and social life is not over. Because how much time I will spare what

of course, sometimes during the exam period, sleep or hundreds of pages in books I’m reading. But every job has its challenges

4 – school’s out

5 – How do I become a judge or Prosecutor?

after graduating, took and passed the test for judges and prosecutors-quite unfortunately these days you need torpedoes – this time, here you have a 2-year internship. With the setup you are going to be the Prosecutor and the judge is determined. However, you are wanting to be a prosecutor the Prosecutor for the Prosecutor directly to those who want to be he can be. Then come the assignments. Usually inexperienced new graduates in the system in our country is being sent to the East. This is very wrong. The experienced of living in the East don’t have the right judge/Prosecutor? This system, I think it must be changed immediately. Because you are trying to state your salary is guaranteed

6 – Where should work?

I’m going to talk Here in the field of private law. The Bank’s lawyer, corporate lawyer, although lawyers working in private law offices are concentrated in the most common as lawyers.

recently, Lawyers were divided into two categories: 1)classic 2)Transactional

divorce family law attorneys, we know the classic in general that we see crossing the street

as for what we say this sufficient: in general, these are called multiple law firm or attorney partnership founding partner, or your partner created by

Usually when large foreign companies entering the Turkish market for their investment

usually a very luxurious villa in Levent is located in the top floor of the Plaza or in the Plaza to see one of the last ones I went to.

had the key in the elevator! There goes my entry card at the reception directly okutunc being defined rigidly. Wow friends!

there is evening rush hour in most (that I don’t want to give the name in an office, sleeping rooms available

I don’t see my kids for 2 weeks unless gormeyiverin you and your family!

the established phrase).

7 – master (LLM) what is it? What to do when? Where to do it?

specialization for LLM law. The first question is “does he work for a while if you do it immediately after school?” What I’ve observed to do as told immediately after school and most the Bureau is not much choice. You may choose to work because area.

although we have seen many lessons in the school as an area of future study at school doesn’t make much sense to choose popular courses. A lesson in our lives because of many factors like school are emerging, for example, the teacher we like

However, an unpopular course at school (or Law School in the field of energy is very wide, because we haven’t seen law/sports law, particularly in the applications of fields such as it’s very likely we don’t like. For this reason, after working for a few years, work on the area of specialization make more sense I think.

The second question you must abroad in Turkey? LLM in offices abroad, those who are usually preferred. The reason for this go to the advanced level of foreign languages for 1 year

for the Jean Monnet scholarship programme the chevening scholarship such as these, comes the opportunity to be referenced.

Jean-Monnet, Graduate from the support area of your field should be given by the EU, and for that reason is limited. Chevining have an obligation to the profession as before, I think at least 2 years. These two scholarships accommodation

However, I think it would be more beneficial to domestically made LLM always. Express yourself best in their mother tongue

I think your name is quite nice and useful for future lawyers to include in Turkish law. Lots of Turkish law in controversial areas. Some laws crafted sloppy

for this reason, other ways to learn the foreign language, and am in favor of having LLM made in Turkey.

up and down all the questions that can be asked about the law I think. I hope I’ve been help beginners or to those who read the law to read


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