What Love Is, Whom, How He Falls In Love With?

some people say, “I’m in love!”, he says, tells the truth, and some people say, “I’m in love!”, he says, the art of telling the truth. Some people say, “I’m in love!” says lie, some people say, “I’m not in love!” lie. Who falls in love with, How do you love?

fall in love with some face, into your heart, look into your heart, only looks at the type or knows their views. Here they are, “I’m in love!” say and who they are telling the truth.

to someone who has seen some, “I’m in love!” Can you love someone you have never seen? Now answer it! Answered?

I guess many of you “no!” he said. Now imagine that you are blind, and again the answer! Can you love someone you have never seen? My guess is that the idea some of you have changed. You can stand next to someone face to face in the beginning, but this post will not be sufficient for you. That pretty face under a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, this will be sufficient for you or not.

now is the type of love bayagilastiriyo with some young people, unfortunately. They think, “you don’t love seeing them, love is at the heart of love look at the face.”

a shoulder for one month?

mounts, mounts. Ferhat asked him, “this is cute so ugly, what do you love about it?”. Ferhat, “you him look in my eyes!” he said. Ferhat and Sirin you know all this already. Need I say how is that love? I don’t think.

some people will fall in love with your voice, your heart and some, some of your face, some of your views and love others selflessly, so nedensizce.

And when you’re in love you’ll know. So, “am I in love?” you don’t need to ask the question, you know. If you have ever been in love without hesitation tell you! Yes, that’s easy for you to say, but it’s easier to tell that is in love with. Water short life what have you got to lose? But if you don’t, then you have a lot to lose that you’ve lost and you don’t even know you.

separate from love ones, I want to say to you, “every joy, every sorrow, Most called the immortal eternal love in the heavens, everything has an end, if there’s where the differences end!”. Don’t give up, don’t give up on your love!

you love her smile, you talk, you love, you don’t necessarily have to see your face love in your heart love the stance.

finally, I want to write: the emotional moments of the most beautiful lines you typed in your emotions that you bring lines.


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