What Should Be In Your Hospital Bag For The Baby?

what you need is Usually a mother, what research blog a blog is a topic that fell to thinking so I put this.

I’ll write down my own experiences directly, at least, useless you will be put to waste.

the Mother

for the Mother need to pack a small bag.

A button front (like that when you are breastfeeding is the convenience) pajamas-and postpartum team. (I bought 2 just in case.)

Maxi pads or diapers (briefs you on them in the form of diapers worn I would suggest. You’re forced to go to the bathroom and both are more comfortable that way.

Spare underwear (if that’s too much, even as a backup there is the downside of keeping.

Slipper-Socks (I was very cold after birth, for example. I guess it may be due to excessive blood loss. Must take slipper socks. Even in the last days postpartum fancy slippers and crowns, you can get a thing that is sold.)

if you need to stay longer in the hospital, personal care items (toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, bag you can put things like towels)

A Nursing Bra-Silicone nipple (useful for everyone and a Nursing Bra, although I couldn’t help myself personally. Also the tip of your breast silicone nipple when it is not, you may need to breastfeed more comfortable.

for the baby

set the output to the backup team and the hospital (if your baby was born, when his skin first if possible prefer the cotton ones that’s worth 0, the output of the hospital. Replacement you can put more than 1 team. I like the set I bought 2 hospital output.)

wet wipes and baby diapers (baby diapers 1 package of baby wipes or cotton bag and put with for 7 8.)

the blanket (I usually set the output to the hospital, but according to the season when she was out of the hospital, you may receive a thick blanket to put into it)

the bottle (milk doesn’t come to you immediately if you may have to give a baby food at the first time. How to export food even in the face of the state can be forced at the first time. Then you use a bottle to give to Mama. )


*In addition, if you have your camera or you can record the most beautiful moments with your camera. These very good memories will be in the future.

*Notepad and pen to take note of the things that you may need again, or you can use to write your feelings at that moment.

*if you are a woman who loves to be well groomed, take your makeup can add to your beauty and your beauty.

*the hospital baby room decorations and things you can bring dagitmalik arrivals. To get out of the hospital 6 hours later to the hospital to give birth to anyone because I don’t want things dagitmalik I bought my house 🙂

anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully, you will have to live with the stress of all this beautiful. Thick and healthy.

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