What Was Love, Anyway?

Hello friends this is my first Cem.

friends, do you know what love is ?

to hug you , kiss you , love ? That thing called love or his presence is to be happy with, or love someone you don’t know the smell that you have never seen or ozlemekmi in love with you can wait without getting bored to get the distance without a care in bunalmad without him to wait for the day you can look on with loving eyes ? Do you have friends who love ney ?

I think that thing called love does not have a definition more. I think it’s breathing that thing called love bilip to be happy. The feeling in his heart that is love. Love for no reason. In spite of everything your love is standing behind it. You glad you like it. Don’t give up don’t give up. Run to the end. Finally kavusucaks. One day either in this world or in the Hereafter kavusucak. Don’t give up. No matter what. Be very happy in spite of those who say love doesn’t exist. For the love of Allah exists.

the separation of mind and you have a fight with his girlfriend some people they’re bringing it. How ridiculous, isn’t it ? Never my boyfriend I wouldn’t give up. In spite of everything, love is not proud I would agree with her mistakes. Don’t think of quitting. You will never get the smell your lungs until you imagine that you will never again cekemicek sarilamicak soyleyemiyece that it can’t hurt your favorite ? Smell that there are the ones who never hear, for instance, there are people who give up, no matter there are people waiting for months. I believe that love is more powerful than distance. They don’t want to die without giving him a hug, holding on tight to life and love. Your love will always stay behind. Oh, I see we’re already saying your place to stay in the same place every day, every day, all the people who want to see her boyfriend who wants to be varkii.

it was too long I think. So actually I have to say. Don’t give up on love don’t give up your fight, stay behind. Anyway I hope you like it.


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