What Would Be The Angle Of Separation? So …

everywhere we read, switches to switches that tell the pain of separation, do the following to apply them. But it is not. Whatever you do, the pain of separation he called immediately, like in 1 week he will be missed, but never forgotten. Let’s see by what percentage the problem has forgotten them. It’s obvious the answer is none . All this fucking pain ever? Switches, Sir. Time passes through. So the biggest it is time for meds again. Over time, the pain passes. But you won’t forget. You love someone, you’ll be in love. But forget him now, you can’t. There is a corner of your mind. All right, let’s how this pain actually passes or diner. Where I live a big experience to share with you right away and see such pain … I mean diner.

Sir, first of all, with all due respect I would like to emphasize and like all living things, I like, but I couldn’t return my love and we broke up. I have been betrayed a thousand times and every time I forgave her. In short, I’m a complete fool. I was waiting for long painful years or even centuries, but at the end of 2 weeks, till he listen to my pain I’m crying a little bit just think about it, I’ll stop now and continue my life. How?


Yes, you heard wrong cry . You cry till you die. Cry until they die. Do you have dying never heard of it crying, but to cry the best.

listen to sad songs!

exactly. Listen to sad songs. Let it always remind you of her. What is worse, What Are you talking about don’t say it. Listen. At the end you’ll be sick of that song.

don’t throw stuff on him!

you do not dispose. All you have to do you fill your cabinet and remove a box or bag that you love them. You will need it later. While having fun, you will burn when you curse him, you cut.

Sports is important!

The only interest Sports football after the breakup I began to walk. But if you have the habit of your sport, don’t ever leave. Sad songs remember listen again.

keep it open for 1 week!

I’m serious. 1 week I weight 60 pounds and drank only water ever eaten fell to 46 at the end. Remember, it’s a good thing to lose weight, but the next week, so I’m not responsible if the times comes that you are hungry, you weight.

now you have to eat like crazy!

Yes, starve for 1 week then comes dinner. Eat what you find. Do not ever yememezlik. Smile start to eat all the food you find. If people were crying when they eat, getting fat because I’m crying. I will say this too but my weight is still 50. I can’t gain weight immediately from some site.


spend time with your best friends. Plenty laugh and have fun. Kufredin him. But never share your private information. Isn’t it some respect 🙂

go shopping!

the best part is Shopping . You don’t have to buy anything. Go to the store and try something, but to be alone. Because of that alone, it’s still dangerous for you.

he still happy 🙁 !

How do you know? Are you a Psychic? If there is no happy, are you happy what! Sit in the dirt directory. If he’s happy, I’m happy because you complain 2 times to stop. Smile, laugh.

or watch the videos about him that reminds him of her ridiculous!

right now, I’ll tell you what I mean. My ex had videos about him that reminds the ridiculous that makes you laugh, though. I used to watch them turn. Laugh your head off, and then I’d say I liked how this idiot (still I’m saying it :))


I still mean it. Kufredin him really out of nowhere. Because she deserves that, and you lose your temper is going to you can relax.

Learn new hobbies!

a hobby, but a sport is any thing to keep busy. If you are immediately run in the house, courses, software, distribute your head.


Yeah the end. Like I said in the cure for everything, especially basic. Time heals all wounds.

now how am I? Mutluyum.. Still comes to my mind I’ll cry, but you cry like the first time till you die. A two drops of tears, and then I’ll be happy again. Passes because it was the religion I’m in tears 🙂

I packed a full 2 weeks after we broke up in March and complete it myself. In April I was very good, everything was different. You will still miss. But believe me, time and love to change and I’ll be very happy 🙂


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