What would you boys think about girls?

Yes, I’m here to give an answer to this question right now. In fact, men like that about the girls only stereotypes, prejudices, or think about passes to the spouse. just because girls talk a lot has a pattern, for example. the male in this relationship the binary word, a word I won’t care at least 5 years. If that man already loves you, your voice, your scent,your skin is in love with. Why you need to shut up, he would torture yourself? yes, that’s right torture. My favorite because for me silence is torture. a

(can’t vouch for just 5 years later. :D) If I’m beautiful, am I talking too much I wonder, I wonder, as I’m kiricim you’re swimming in a pool of thoughts, but this man I don’t care. In other words, male a bit monotonous (planks) built a watch. Sorry if that’s not to say I’m offended. (I’m generalizing) is ugly, you’re beautiful calls.(the opposite is experienced one in a thousand). But there are some men (especially my star sign, i.e. fish) assigns them to, too throws. Then it explodes. C4. You won’t find your part. Men smart girls dream. smart and beautiful.(Or at least maintained) how to 1.90, muscular, not charismatic, 1.70 in front you get in your thoughts and dreams, beautiful, well-groomed, attractive, input, output, lives with a girl. girl before hobbies and pleasures men so that their thoughts and ideas you need to know. For example, for a male in politics is indispensable. A place of gossip for you girls anyway, it is a place for men of politics. On that subject, even if they have knowledge at the time about a man’s politics evolve, and it begins to sound like a political leader. So if your listening to a male gossip on you, you have to listen to his political issues. Or that relationship won’t take too long. (For me, that moment is over.) Another indispensable thing for a man should be devoted to the girl. altruistic love girls. For instance, you and your boyfriend are going out with a boyfriend. But that setback or your boyfriend have enough money to eat bagels and drink tea only 2. You make sacrifices at this time, and important you are at your side, place the bagels that I drink my tea and get you if you say 0 your love in that person’s eyes will increase. Trust me on this. What I said only a few this Nook, information. Interest – (I never) I don’t think I would be interested in) I can enlighten you more. Stay tuned.


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