When you Ascend?

what is the Ascension? The Ascension is an awakening. “When will he Wake Up?”

Mira, return to the orbit of prostration, prostration in the direction of disappearing. “What will your prayers be the time of the Ascension?”

Mira, it is a revolution of the heart, “rabbiye subhana’l-a’la” in a statement…

Mira, the bread of hope to every heart waiting umur.

“your heart what is revolution?

when Are you gonna get the spirit, hatred, resentment…”

Mira, Bilal, “Azan comfort us, O bilāl!” means.

with the prayer, prayer ferahlanma.

Mira, hadrat khabbāb, “before you there were people like that, they would break their bones with iron Combs, the flesh, and from this state no complaints. You also be patient.

The Lord will save you, you also will have a beautiful day!.”

(Bukhari, menakibu al-Ansar, 29) is to give consolation.

with the prayers, God be a person, standing before him, just ask him.

“The light of the eyes” which is the prayer of every member of the Ummah, such as the endless treasures available to distribute.

Mira, Habibullah, is closest with the Lord, the secrets of nature shrouded with an exceptional booty.

His’raj that, well, you how to ascend ?


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