When You Read, Never Be The Same You Won Seven Beautiful Work

this, actually, when you Write, of course, that we are not a nation who reads a lot I thought. Me and a few members here who are in the minority when I saw umitlendiren but I wanted to write.

Spoon (so) proud(im):

expand your horizons when you read, you’ll and seven beautiful work

7. Peyami Safa – External Affairs Ninth Ward

The Book is only 130 pages. So, I can’t read it, I can’t finish a piece, you can say it’s not. But the content is so shocking, that earthquake strike on your horizon that can be experienced.

life is so much better through the eyes of a sick child couldn’t have said, Be sure to read.

6. Albert Camus – The Stranger

the topic of the book and the content is pretty straight forward. Secilese Kafka Camus traces it is clear that the book belongs to. So normal life for him that is alien to that of the hero of the book, it should be the condition. a
when you read, perhaps you’ll find tracks from yourself, and how this simplicity was so well-told book I would recommend.

5. Heinrich Böll – Billiards At Nine Thirty

Fahmel meet the family. Three-generation architecture from a family of Nazi Germany that makes a general review is made. The mandate of the Divine Secret, brute force and violence as a definition of contempt, lamb oppressed, despised, and defines whether this secret taste than never.

this book explains what has become of the beautiful symbols of pollution and politics with a family, I’d say read it.

4.The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx-Friedrich Engels

mean what you say? This human (so) against that was not the view? Yes, for me it’s not communism, it is true. A contrary opinion but what he says, what he wants to know, read this book.

in the version I read, explanations, analyses were there. From this perspective, I understood a lot better in some situations. If the proletariat/bourgeois by workers in the fight you should definitely read it if you want to look.

But that shouldn’t be ignored as one might think of Marx and Engels the concept of equality is unfair, Please note that.

3.Sabahattin Ali – Madonna In Fur Coat

I’ve never seen anything really like this. “shocking, amazing a magnificent piece of Registrant the Madonna in the fur coat.

sabahattin Ali, will be called ordinary, simple man a living, and he might be in love rather than in terms of living conditions, which could turn himself in this work, the society that is the story of a man trapped between its own self and you’ll see.

I was a wreck when I read the ending, I would definitely recommend it.

2. Mustafa Nice – Big Boss

so this man-writer – I don’t know, I don’t know their opinions. But the book is so far the largest attention in a state that is described by my allanip pullanar shows the real face of banana.

personal opinions and not years clear tells the documents. School life, military service, marriage, being the Favourite of the master, the boss, the mood on the road a very serious tuccarlik bringing enlightenment, this book is definitely read.

1.Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

here my top, my precious. I crossed my respect for the author ayn Rand really enlightened me as to tell beynim scientific and philosophical ones. I’m talking about this is my most favorite.

three books and, in the case of a single skin is being sold. The years of its publication the most widely read book after the Bible, the book title by taking the substantial success achieved. 4. in the article for the book you are looking at the subject through the eyes of the workers is in this book if you’re looking at life through the eyes of boss.

Intelligence, values, morality, understand the importance of reality, let alone that produces works manifest when the mind is suppressed to live when a disaster and was removed. A dec to mind this piece I’m going to read it again I recommend it to anyone who cared.

Next, you meet in jail.

greetings, Sir.


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