When your hair S. O. s, Hayashi 911 System Shampoo

in the summer sun, sea and Hayashi system 911 shampoo damaged as a result of chemical processes give your hair new life with. Worn, normal and color-treated hair with plant extracts that can be used for System 911 Shampoo hair thoroughly to remove the formula for your hair deep moisturizing and protect your hair color.

especially during the summer months hair’s protective cuticle layer of sand, wind and sea exposure leads to a breakdown on. By the effect of the sun’s rays dry hair losing moisture and sea water, Electric takes an image. In addition, all of these factors can lead to the creation of the color of your hair.

if you believe your hair is damaged beyond repair, try a Hayashi system 911 series. Hayashi System 911 series offers professional solutions for your hair and scalp needs. Hayashi System 911 hair products silky softness and shine to the hair restructuring and regulatory properties while providing with easy to helps you get in shape.

Hayashi System 911 Shampoo gently cleanses extremely damaged hair a special shampoo that deeply. Keratin helps to repair hair while the content of proteins, panthenol and sodium PCA, it gives hair the moisture it needs, and doesn’t have the feeling of heaviness.

Usage: applying a small amount to wet hair, her nails with the tips of the fingers without touching the scalp) massaging hair with plenty of warm water and are fed by durulaniy’t.

Price: 26.50 from TL – 250 ml


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