Which Anime Should Be Monitored? Anime I’ve Watched

Hi ! 🙂
8 I want to share watching anime ^_^
hope you like it :3

(don’t pay much attention to the rankings, I have a separate sympathy to them ^_^)


  • Death Note,

    light yagami! student. dropped to the earth an angel of death, finds the Death Note. and he realizes the enormity of the power in the hands of rent(God) dedicate yourself to the path of becoming. but the only one to realize this power is not explained. the best private detective in the world in its field ” l ” is the mind game explained click Next when you will try to beat. Let’s see who will win this chess game ! ^-^

  • elfen lied,

    much of the picture sounds familiar I guess Ahahaha :DD it’s okay, don’t hit ^o^ so I got to NAP a foal or donkey that comes everywhere goresim cute face :3
    the class starts to come into the world a new generation Human with special powers. girls with pink hair and two small horns. but not only horns that make them different. the invisible 6-foot handles supernatural! it detects them as a threat to humanity and behave badly. so, therefore, I get plenty of blood. A young girl named Lucy escapes from the island prison where he was held in we childhood sweetheart and finds himself next to Kouta. but has lost his memory! Wonder what happens when it comes to memory instead (っ^‿^)っ

  • Steins Gate

    a young man who invented the time machine, and realized that a company that wants to rule the world. this young man and his friends along with other events. :))

  • Code Geass,

    The New Technologies of the British army-he rules the world with robots, Lelouch got Geass from a mysterious young girl by the name of Britain and to defeat the supernatural with the ability to bring about peace in the world will work ! 😀

  • Mirai Nikki

    phone messages that shows the future. God this phone sahip12 a private person and in this game when they join a battle to determine the future of the world begins. but I don’t care about two young lovers, this is War. ^o^

  • Akame Ga Kill !

    when administering a kingdom wicked of the world, the village a young man from the capital and removes the head of a dictator in that he joins a gang learns that a legendary Secret weapons, and then blend everything together ^^

  • Zetsuen No Tempest,

    two trees. determines the fate of the world. has swept the world. one good and one bad. but which one ? two brothers, they find it the hard way ! :DDD

  • Deadman Wonderland
    Shiro OOO ! I think it is sufficient to say that :3 The ability to control their own blood they are in prison and their imprisonment with some people and past events. Worth watching even just for shiro :))
    Yes, I guess that’s it ! 🙂
    Cem Thank you for reading, I’m hopeful a part of my life to share this with you! Yes, I’m hopeful it’s not happy :D, Because (I hope) it works and you’ll be as happy as I am ! Again thanks to all of you ! (っ^‿^)っ
    before I forget @Uni endless thanks to awesome cupcakes ! Are you chan arigatou gozaimasu ! and
    helped discover some animes that I don’t know 🙂 )


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