While browsing through the pages of the Internet or playing games on the PC do you have?

at me, very disturbing dimension to be frozen in the internet I have researched a lot on this issue. I was able to ping in some games and get successful results if they don’t make me uncomfortable anymore how much rise it rises 🙂 and for how many days I can navigate easily on the laptop. I think you are having this problem if you apply what I said If you don’t like it do the exact opposite of what I’ve said and you can return to your old self.

for Windows 7 as I’m telling it. I don’t think it would be much different than Windows 7 8in.

first I’m starting from classical information,

1.clean with an anti virus program on your computer more than 2 a day.

2 – Unfamiliar programs and download it to your computer.

3 – You can combine a maximum of 3 days, the disks on the computer

tell me that you want to merge the disks by opening the computer folder(Local Disk (C), right-click them and select Properties we’re pushing to. In the resulting window and place the tools from defragmentation “defragment now”, click on the e. After analyzing the disk the disk V disk in the window that opens popup menu birlestire this is resolved it may take a few minutes.

4-removal of accumulated debris,

if we clear our computer on how to clean up programs constantly is leaving now. Clean water is what you need to do,

The engine come off and search %temp% delete everything in the file we are writing some files are deleted the files will not be alone in front of the window because they are running is using the file when it is opened press the skip button. Remember to clean up after deleting from the Recycle Bin.

5 – when Windows starts there is constantly working with some of her files can affect the performance of the computer is running. Very easy to turn off these programs you should turn off some programs for the computer alone. Please pay attention to them.

from the Start type msconfig into the search engine, and enterlayin. In the resulting window, Startup

instead of click the files you want to remove the tick, if you do not know what it does, Google the file, you can find out by searching for the name from what it did. After you have removed the tick you can imagine:) after selecting, press and press OK.

6 – and finally I think it’s the best solution

right-click Computer folder and properties to improve the performance of your computer do call. In the window that opens on the left Advanced System Settings ‘ click on it. There you have click on Settings under performance. Say sheep tick adjust for best performance apply and press OK. Finally, right click on the desktop personalize basic and high contrast at the bottom call in the popup window select one of the themes in the theme, except the first one :). Of course, this may bother you are not accustomed to because I’m used to just playing the game if I use black if you cannot get used to it 🙂

Thank you for reading. Forgive me if I’m wrong 🙂


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