Why are they even friends hurts even worse?

This is the first the best of CEM’s

I think people hurt more to have friends of friends over because I’m not going to hurt us, put our backs on him that stems from a problem in that regard you know friends or everyone to assume good faith one of the biggest problems the one thing that did hurt us if someone did the same thing if someone you’ve never met someone you don’t know your friend but a friend that doesn’t do it more is at stake that sticks into dead end friends remember it hurts like a knife into unforgettable stays in place when burns is hurt.

as we saw a figure back-shooting because we put our backs to our enemy is always a friend

there is a scientific explanation, and certainly from the back, the impact hurt a lot more 🙂 how you like using your friend shot in the back in a metaphorical sense the truth hurts.

what friends we have to say to us why do they do this

because they know very well our weaknesses, our friend us our weaknesses that our enemies allows them to be 1-0

as shown in Figure B

I think a bit what to eat to consider when choosing a stake in friendly friends I would like to touch on that.

when choosing Friends you should ask the person that you select to test if you knew that he is her friend friendly friendship we don’t understand

Friends should know how to keep a secret, and let’s give him a secret lie to keep a secret from a friend to keep a secret doesn’t make people who don’t know, does anyone know

a precious thing from him, let me ask it with your eyes closed will you give a friend your friend soul thing

to check whether it is the punchline with you in your difficult time

this support will be in place with a saying I think

whoever said.

a relationship friendship is very important in this day and age it doesn’t matter how it is all becomes a father in a mother friendly sister ABI kalmasa where income comes where the only real friend I’d make is whatever you want it to be and I think your friend is a wonderful thing at any time gocunmaz finally, I want to finish with the following video

video viewers, I’m sure a friend like that will say where you are so right, I wish everyone a friend like that doesn’t back down though, but half of that is hard in this day and age a friend like that, someone I wish I had such a friendship.

do you ?


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