Why can’t you be like our every dear?

I see boys and girls boys girls it is hard to understand, I Yi I share this by myself. I’m going to be treated like he’s across the problem of how to in fact, even though in every relationship, the crime is reciprocal, and I think ‘that ends in a relationship, one before and the other wouldn’t,’ but the space with a mad-libs I’m talking about a real relationship, not to mention the players. anyway, let’s cut to the chase

1.so hoslant the start

two people who know each other, the recognition of stages, i.e., one on either side of the positive against the idea of creating a relationship of their dreams

2.cohesion and recognition

at this stage the convergence of persons and establishes some relationships will get to know each other slowly and does not pass this stage

This is my bencei show my reasons to do my goal

3. couples promise to each other they say on their stage

at this stage, individuals begin immiscible to each other

at this point occurs the actual recognition in what we call

the particular in question is a jealous woman, and if it’s a boy actually stay out of this more confused the other person is not, at least if you’re with women for women Saints appropriates him even a passing look at a kid or little sister get jealous


who knows where you want to go to places that you want to know ask went across from here to understand the woman does not work, I’ll do what I want you positive my man parts if you say you were on han, or you ate one of those pros that I’m a saint now

your first mistake because you can’t understand but maybe with time it will happen to you no longer control the movement fallen into a period you should pay more attention than usual, otherwise this job will withstand to harass

5.control behavior

The woman makes after the first failure to control the behavior of filters so you

6. how you live your relationship

what if kind

but if you are going to love it

I mean, if you’re hiding your relationship with her if you are giving utanuyormus sense if you are limiting the rupture of the film even if you’ve passed the half of “stick together, get better”


The picture was a little irrelevant, but I’m counting on you uyarlarsniz ,)


where were we

look, my dear, a woman accustomed for you if you are the woman that you abandoned your friend is life changing, don’t be stupid

have friends that try to keep up with her, because that expects this from you, and if you don’t want to meet someone who is your friend interview

her self-cooling, for example, you to come out today, honey please take that into consideration that you’re bad if you do MSN course goes to the barbecue

8. the thinking stage

why me, why is she acting like this hides from others to do whatever she wanted him to respect her opinion and insist on running why I was trying to wonder if you have already started doing the exact opposite

let me tell you something, I even created the application were not with this man in mind but there’s still a chance I’m close to paraton

9.Oh, I almost forgot interest

The woman no longer a woman to you has started to change a person’s behavior starts to behave like her davrandigin threaded, but a little more passive is if you now more interested in, for instance, doesn’t throw as often as it used to be that meaningless message, no heart to face the reflection of all you love kisses, smiles marks nesenin Czech mate adiyos

10.so now we’re playing jingle bells trumpets hold finals fights

The woman starts to say to me why you’re acting like this ucucbe

for men unfamiliar with this process to say I didn’t do anything you don’t understand what are you talking about

but the problem is already full up this old sport you the woman you didn’t really do anything your woman would be that woman if it were halftime

what changed that suddenly you start to question why now dude

when it hits, you no longer you at all, you did notice all the behaviors of the women understand that the golden rule may be

now the woman starts blaming the man “I’m not changing so you’re” ?

actually, this question still the guy I’m thinking on the one hand, he was batter right buddy, you said You came to get a horse to like you gave him the wrong door dinnnn London beyazz

11.now it’s time to depart

over the Saints is done in such a way that


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