Women From The Eyes Of Men

you come ]; very long

you don’t read me now

some scientists in the determination of the direction regarding our vulnerability in women in the age of cave men hunting began with the emergence claim.Alone in the cave with the other men and women will hunt for their food impatiently waiting, all unknowing, they didn’t realize they were infected according to this theory two:

1-constantly with each other, mutual listening and speech never before Dec’s disease.

2-go out in public when I can’t find a direction it’s a disease.

The first item in the previous articles, we have enough information that is associated with the determination of the direction of our current research only na disease we will.

one thing that caught my attention while walking on the sidewalk, I had this feeling come over me over me women.I was thinking that before as a feeling.

I recently a lady who walks in front of me but on the right side of the bagel place is doing it right, we will create places that the sudden maneuver would have led to an accident the outcome is almost rounded to muessif. Do you not see the anger on top, dear, there’s a pretzel, mmmm managed to say you need to pay attention to you. It was ninety degrees and the angle of impact it didn’t look like it’s going to get a bagel at the hike. Oh, I said to myself. Anger control. At that precise moment, recovered from the shock when I took a second hit from the same angle. He then he saw the shoe in the window and spellbound , with a dull expression, almost like a robot, but cool and decisive steps later, another woman was the blow. The funny thing is that even if we fought was detected. There was a sale in another store at this price and probably never would have believes that the shoes in question had come.

after the accident, two growing feeling in me, I actually feel it was that it was not only the manifestation of a reality.

undertaking research on the topic and gather my attention, I actually think it was a reaction that spread to all men, not against people and even objects, I figured it was.

when something comes to mind , when checking her purse, when the phone rings, when you see a friend with another friend on the sidewalk across the street, you hear a sound when an ambulance passes you when you squeezed the shoe on the floor when you drop something on your hair to make it look sexy when she tried to stop to change directions suddenly and without any warning just because zink was substantial in size and much more.

I investigated my research question and the reasoning was that it was another trigger of the disease in a different.


after parking his car to the floor of the empty three-story Mall to the Mall 5-foot passing through the glass door can collide with each other, and the two ladies that’s mad at the husband of such a collision that had occurred when the place was empty though the door and timidly asked why.

what is behind should be drawn away to fellow I withdraw that. said it was.

to avoid more work on my head with a smile I walked.

because of this senseless behavior sometimes mind-numbing and even a conflict could lead to physical warm.

not to mention the traffic.

well, that is a matter of course assessments are different and longer.

but smoking while talking on my cell back to back by a lady who was trying to park the Fury on the other people in the immediate vicinity of the cave really had to be a form of behavior starting from ages ago that I believe I’m going to say.

the ladies work with you to fix the difficulty in determination of direction as a result, make recommendations, or is it because it is a futile effort to try to treat this reflex the genetic code were formed by spreading from centuries to centuries. .

without further ado, and without hitting much of the subject is there no other remedy than to accept the situation their face.


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