Women love

severk women are like that, they can afford everything but a woman likes men, I’m not saying that men don’t like ‘ love is different from someone else’s so different from lovers to lovers in the 8 years I like my brother than I know myself, but I regret it was because I lost my brother hurt me in anyway, but of course he was guilty, but wasn’t a man, but I loved it so much that I loved, I would have died for him, we were put shoulder to shoulder with the rigors of life, no one promised us a lot of us and then he was ayiramicak ayridi, then g*so what’s left is still what I love most in my life as t minutes in the minutes that I had so much yasiyabailiceg stole my beautiful maybe I could do a lot, maybe to talk to him at school the next day and sleep instead of sleeping on nights I don’t sleep, I could listen to the lesson and learn something, it sucks to be me, but I like it anyway I love Him so damn much and my life now again I’ll come back again adiyabi if I could make peace if he wanted to, but I know I shouldn’t, but I’m doing it anyway to dedicate your own life to others the same result ^^


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