Would you like to completely get rid of the smell of sweat ?

end sweating now!
excessive sweating in the summer we have the biggest problem of all, and as a result the smell of sweat is unbearable. On the bus, in full, at work unbearable smell of sweat, we feel we ourselves the ones around us feel uncomfortable as well. Used to avoid the smell of sweat, perfume, deodorant, such as workarounds if it is useless…

what is sweating? Sweating is a natural reaction of the body. Extremely hot, dry environments to balance the moisture of the skin odorless and colorless liquid. This liquid called sweat.

what causes the smell of sweat?
sweat is actually odorless and colorless liquid. But over time, the bacteria settles on the area of sweating. Which is a suitable environment for the survival of bacteria especially in the region of the armpits and feet occurs with a disturbing odor. Growth of bacteria the smell of sweat the smell of.

excessive sweating in the summer overwhelms!
the problem is that Sweating is a condition that does not upset some people. But most people suffer from the problem of excessive sweating. Causes excessive sweating the sympathetic nervous system work harder than other people or obesity, hormonal conditions such as menopause, a variety of diseases. Or hand sweating and foot sweating in the underarm area are usually seen as. The ones complaining of excessive sweating occurs due to the heat during the summer months to avoid the smell of sweat that’s the way it’s.

sweat effective formula!
Now I didn’t have to worry how to prevent the smell of sweat… sweating chemical treatment that negatively affect your health! Tereson, offers the most effective solution to the problem of sweating. Perfume, deodorant, antiperspirant, unlike temporary solutions such as the effect puts an end to cover up the smell with sweating.

Tereson lotion , the smell of sweat and excessive sweating by sweat glands working on is going to cause all the reasons why prevents. Dryness gives you a special odorless formula active throughout the day.,

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