Yes, please bakiversin girls who want to learn football :)

Girls and guys who know football knows football we like to see the girls, it was a nice situation. A little quote, some stolen, some I will tell you a whole lot of love 🙂

first, soccer, each team consists of 11 aces and 2 sets at 7 a backup player. Each team starts with 11 players on the field and has the right to change 3 players.

now that we’re past it, let’s look at the other terms 🙂
football: where the game is played on the ground, and is divided into sections. These are the crown, the corner, the castle and the power line PLA.

Crown: the long horizontal lines in the side of the pitch. More fun such as:

you know, you know, some nights striker close to you, dear, maybe you won’t believe this, but you say oooo I have a headache.

heh, this event is considered out throwing the ball in football.

throwing out two kinds.

—one’s own Castle and around the corner to get out on the right or left side of your line to cause

—on the football field outside the limiting lines of the two One throw.

this line is called the right or left don’t throw out the crown in the event. vertical long line in the region of the goal posts, corner kick, penalty is referred to as.If you examine the picture,

in the line where the match was starting power PLA in the interpretation round the middle region. Party to begin at the beginning of the match or goals conceded, the team from this region of the referee’s whistle starts the game.

if we look at the teams:

each team’s first 11 in:
-fortress that protects the goalkeeper,
-The goalie standing in front of the wall defense, or defense
-middle attack which will launch in midfield
-wing players who will go out of the edges
-striker in the future.

Striker : your lover (who is the offensive player to score a goal in soccer)

Offside : here are the butt of the pen with your boyfriend your boyfriend play you separate the head from the bitch as a volunteer waiting to eat between your situation of not being called offside a lot of goals. 🙂


guiza see offside from here 🙂

Foul: Mac in strong interference. If we look at the picture,

I’m sticking to, I hope that was helpful 🙂


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