YGS University exam briefly

Yes friends so much for the ygs. University entrance exam I want to write about my pitch and I hope you can help.

at first, we’re going to sort by which TURKISH-MATHEMATICS-SCIENCE-SOCIAL

when you begin the exam, we are solving Turkish as quickly as you possibly can. We must not be afraid to leave it blank, if your attention scattered in the middle of a paragraph on that question, if we start to read again from the beginning, you find once again the same thing happens there the same problem if you ever do not leave blank question in Turkish language subject is very important because if you have a lack bilgisinde

when it comes to math now, slowly head tired of reading the paragraph in the meantime, I’m staying away from that for 10 minutes arithmetic questions dealing with Turkish a little difficult after 10 or 15 minutes we came the problems of Mathematics section in this issue consists in understanding the question don’t be afraid of them, 70 percent to 30 percent, if it is ever in a hurry, so do not process the procedure .When it comes to geometry, that’s up to your talent but my advice 2 1. definitely take the pen and 2 other newly opened preferably intact. let’s figure out the path to the solution of the problem the essay booklet, you look backwards (it may sound funny now, but it works )

unfortunately, your knowledge of a situation that remained for the Department of Social Studies and Science social studies or even a sayisalci as it would be wrong even if I don’t talk about .

generally don’t do that don’t stress the stress won’t help you, but a calm brain can do wonders in that environment .

already, good luck 🙂


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