You Need To Leave To Be More Productive

1. Stop doing overtime and increase your efficiency
work 40 hours a week have you ever wondered where they came from? American industrialist, founder Ford Motor Company Henry Ford, 1926, the interesting results of the experiments performed: daily from 10 to 5 days and 6 days work week 8 to your working hours when you download increasing your productivity.
2. Too often we say “yes” don’t
The Pareto principle, according to percent of effort, and supporting the results obtained: % produces, but the results of ‘supporting labour si: % consumes. Instead of working harder, primarily the entry of the results’we need to give up focusing on producing labor. ini and the rest. We’ll have more time to focus on the most important things. Things that don’t bring any results that produce results in less or almost saying “yes” to we should stop.
3. Leave it to you to do everything yourself, and Start to allow people to help you
I was at a point in my career where I’m leading a very big group and couldn’t keep up. I tried to do everything myself. I wore myself out, finally over the community self-managing began. Members surprisingly did a much better job than I did. The strength of communities and brand content generated by users that need to learned.Consumers understand what they want, and that is much better than a marketer could ask what they want. Octoly, according to the videos youtube users videos produced by brands that are produced by more than 10 times she was being watched did you know? When searching for information about a brand, more than half of Americans (q) generated by users, the content, the content on the site or of the Brand of the brand rely more on the news in the media. Ask for help from the community and the opening of brand marketers that it’s important.


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