Young Girls Love 10 Male Pattern

1) popular and rich kid of the environment

exactly what if you’re rich, if you’re a good quality dresser, you’ll always be in the forefront, even ugly and makes you that you were the most handsome you’ll get what you want.

2) my best friend’s boyfriend

in front of it for some reason girls usually can not see, but they see a friend of buddies, fall in love, blah blah blah it’s so boring.

3) They just stay together for appearances

The girls about this I can only say, if you are not someone like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, don’t expect someone like. I guess the message is gone. (:

4) the older ones of you

for some reason, but I passed on that too at the age of 3-5 my when there are its peers over 10 years of age? Give a mental idea of God.

5) they are together just for sex

No comment about it (:

6) those who care about the appearance much more of you

All our girls handsome man-crazy (:

7) a punk – type guys are badass

where to eat there are available in the type of scrappy like everything about everybody, and choosing them is very interesting. This situation is still valid in the last 15 years, it’s very sad.

8) guitar players (:

the Mediterranean slow start to the song with him crying and slobbering and 2-3 evenings with TAV and admiration for a person who not only plays guitar, he could have already been discussed. That I couldn’t get a guitar (:

9) foreign men

I put this picture on purpose, to me, an empty person. The girls are fascinated for some reason that crying type.

10) those of a sports car

and now, my branches. Fortunately I have a sports car and this really is very true. If you have a sports car, you start leading 2-0 in life. Efforts to get in that car Valet open the door when you go to the places selfie lux 🙂 bla bla.
love you, you are a fan in this situation 🙂

next, see you in jail. (:


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