Your Computer Is At Risk Of This Virus Beware!!!

Your Computer Is At Risk, This Virus Attention!!!!

included in the group of Trojan virus to be very careful. the origin is unknown. in the code where the ancestors came from Georgia, no information is available. however, both viruses shows compatibility with both Iran and Israel.
* The purpose is to force you to modify the operating system.
* the most prominent feature is to split your hard disk. but don’t worry, just empty the P is transmitted to your hard drive.
* you will encounter when opening each program, you can make your life unbearable.
* every time your computer from a source you’ve never heard of (the software’s lobby, lobby java, chip’s lobby, etc.) gives me a warning that there was an attack.
* some people she was involved with the ingenuity of the computer on the fan counts the number of clay to be bleached.
* says speak, but his tongue no one can’t solve.
* my code off my sister attacked, they always hatemel* call mentality. networks, or networks that our grandparents because we can’t read the code you wrote.
* proposes to remove the virus from quarantine on your motherboard apoca cry.
* measure if you do not receive biloca from the Trojan Family with own cache*’when it resets.
* lay parallel to your enclosure, I’ll give you whatever you want says. it was deposited parallel to the faults gives you a warning then all you have to.
* new code for your safety* needs to be written, he says, all the holes in your firewall.
* only the parts of your computer to get the price you what you paid for (give) in case you get rid of tries to trick you. and
my only suggestion: your current operating system* robust codes and one of the greatest engineers* was written by do not allow you to make changes to it!


sour dictionary, a front window is a type of the complete person.


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