Your Soul Mate Don’t Look Away, Maybe In Front Of Your Eyes

Everyone looks for a soul mate, maybe too far away, maybe very soon, your soul mate, your best friend and your best friend tips that could be your spouse if anything happens to you.

your family, your best friend, you know, if you know your best friend’s family, A family of two if he loves you, when you get married your family doesn’t want to love me is such a thing as not.

your friend, who knows you best isn’t it? To someone who you don’t like what you like what you know everything when you get married, you don’t like doing the things you love to do things that he knows.

you all your loving, makeup or no makeup see, most become your best friend lumpy who knows you, when you get married because you don’t have to be dressed all the time if you neglected your knows very well.

to the cinema, to the theatre or you want to go have fun when you have close friends who accompany you to enjoy it without any resistance, when you get married can do the same things tastefully, without objection.

The only one laughing at the jokes you have made most disgusting is your best friend when you get married your marriage is full of joy.

what you eat, what you wear for being Very honest and sincere mixes yakisip it doesn’t suit what it says in what it says they are accurate assessments, your right to complain when you get married you will have a wife that gives me idea.

who knows you the best your pain, your joy, your not the only one who knows your hidden saklig you completed to him, smiling, crying with her, that knows your value, your friend could be your soul mate !

your soulmate, don’t look away, maybe in front of your eyes!


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