your support of vitamin C against stains and sun here!

the summer sun always brings the negative effects may not be as innocent as we thought so the only thing you can do to avoid a real summer care ! Especially after the sun Against the sun and prevent staining your skin if you want your skin to be more resistant of vitamin C do not support missing from this summer !

The owner of many firsts in the field of Dermatology, Dr. Howard Murad, skin tone differences edit, and to increase the elasticity of the skin vitamin C infusion home facial Kit – dry weekly maintenance of vitamin C the developed. You will feel the effects instantly in a single application your skin bright and glowing with this maintenance, you won’t believe.

vitamin C infusion home facial Kit is a weekly maintenance mask formulated patented and strong,
a, and vitamin B12, beta-carotene, which increases the elasticity of the fibers is effective in formation of amino acids, hyaluronic acid intensive hydrating formula rich with free radicals by blocking the sun, air pollution, etc. for environmental reasons, to stop skin damage supports. By increasing cell renewal in the skin with pure vitamin C and helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by balancing skin tone to illuminate. Moreover, the contents in fresh orange extract, leaves a pleasant scent on your skin.

Murad vitamin C infusion home facial kit Spa in Los Angeles and celebrities are using the product specifies that it is Lucy Liu who care* Brook Shields** actresses like.
(*/**InStyle Mag. May/June 2001,**In Touch Mag. The March 2003 edition has stated that the actresses they use the product)

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vitamin C infusion home facial Kit: 225 GBP


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