You’re Very Good, I Don’t Deserve You

are you aware that your very best when you open all your feelings to people you share this as a pretext to establish a very large sentence, “you’re very good, I don’t deserve you.” Even worse to hear you say this sentence is just not likely one of those moments when I have to. This type of bride to get to know people together.

1 – devoid of emotion

the most hypocritical people consists of. You what they say with the people in them are different. Didn’t like the story I know that you can solve it yourself. Keeps yourself always mysterious, but actually are the ones all alone soaked. Usually always 2-3 people at the same time they talk but in the end they lick your palms.

2 – deviants

you are sure does not occur just in girls than men. Not even good for others to get interested just to satisfy the greed inside yield. Everyone usually or. or freaking nobody. they know it themselves.

3 – chaperone

First a good deal even you can make a lot of conversations like it. Some are folded back on themselves when you share your secrets trust immediately. They see you as someone that you ever to do you dirty. Everyone is free in life, male or female. Everyone’s body is his own. The words of a poet, too. A copper had sex with a virgin. National unto man the woman is a prostitute.

4 – attempted popi

as soon as you were human. Are you in or out is not clear. So much that you wonder to yourself that you have pets and you take care of them. That you are during the day and at night. Canimli was at that point that you start speaking, and a love in vain Defy gravity so much and cares for you. You will be sorry.

So I hear you that you say not to trust anyone. Of course you can, but you upset people now understand the stakes you eat is your personal experience, you don’t need to be a professor to understand that constant. In fact everyone is able to deceive a liar maybe we have to we each is alone. What is it about?


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