now if I said I’m paying your fees zayiflamaz, but. If you want to spend now where’s that fee I’m paying 😀

never in my life I didn’t go to a dietitian.If you want more than don’t you read the article, but I recommend you to read.Me I was overweight 2 years ago, I wanted to lose weight, but using the computer 8 hours a day I want it to 😀 if you now how. First, I love to walk, or even go buy clothes, the American rapper, niggas get plenty of stuff like this. Don’t lie again, during the day walks, night walks and I’d run both.When you’re overweight is swaying zikr is fol fol oils like attracts like, don’t mention Repentance 🙂 daily walk and make it stable. “Today I’ll walk 500m.” 500 meter? but go get one. Even a little bit, run a bit, walk 500 meters you come and go like flies I’m not saying, but 1 of the times, even try to run. Even your headset. A swing to the right, to the left, already full that’s drunk in the night you can imagine. From there open a beautiful music, my weather Ha Long at night already, you don’t enjoy the romance from the sport.Sports if absolutely necessary, I’m the man, but my breasts were so uneven, you know, hanging just a bit larger I was going to buy a bra made for little girls final 😀 but shake those tits at night, without much care, I ran, came home a half pull-ups, I took Half barfix place your legs so your hands are inside your legs in a place like a high table. Because I was doing it in life because if you start with a high risk of being torn direct barfix, you should warm up your muscles, but come to that, our people live fast.I need time to us friends. Pushups in 10 minutes instead of 10 minutes warming my arms get tired pretty confronting half when the little shuttle to the chest and abdomen,then I’ll pull up my legs with a walk or a run that is happening. If I walk in the house or don’t say anything, that you can smell the green.The most frequently asked of 1 Total topics) “how should I eat?” Be sure to eat eat, but eat frequently. If you could eat soup for every meal you eat. I don’t know if you can believe it, but that’s why I ate meals a day, 10 per day, Because “when you eat in the stomach, dollars, and big brothers big sisters notice that a full stomach shrinks over time, People is getting fat during Ramadan,why? Excessive eating in one meal because the stomach and the stomach stretches over time to put pressure to the left and to the right is widening.” Cares morning for breakfast so, doc, the doc says “what a night, eating breakfast in the morning absolutely do.” He’s eating and night eating because the body will be stored in turn into fat because you didn’t melt in the morning, make breakfast make Breakfast in the morning because around noon if it doesn’t you’ll be buried in the same Iftar dinner as a jumbotron and your stomach to expand when you eat more the next meal you’re going to eat.Weak people examine, or don’t have the appetite. or often eat.Abi eat a cake Me I’m eating. But pre-in the extreme, while I don’t like is no longer at all 😀 in advance from the morning until the evening sit down at the computer and drink a coke while consuming 2.5 liter coke 2 cups pastry if I got now and the next my stomach is swelling.tell ha I left this coke, I drank plain soda 4-5 per day for the first time, I’d zayiflayay Lemon is taking weighted folks. Wrong is wrong brother,there is sugar in one coke with lemon. Best plain Soda, Already longing for the most easy thing you’ll hear’s throat burn, same plain soda. at first it’s a bummer, but at least I should do a lemon for the first time, or consume with fruit.Me so much, if you have questions ask here.

Half exam


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